Shrink WrapIf you’re in the throes of winterizing your boat, you may be thinking about shrink wrapping. While boaters have been told for many years to shrink wrap their investments, not all of them take advantage of the treatment.

Some people assume that there are downsides to shrink wrapping boats. Do all boats have to be shrink wrapped? How does it even work? What should you look for in a boat shrink wrapping company?

One of the main reasons to shrink wrap your boat during winter especially, is to protect it. It prevents damage caused by UV light, rain, ice and snow. Of course, you could use a tarp, but properly installed shrink wrap does not leak. It will not ice up or collapse and there’s no need to brush off snow. Water will not puddle and you won’t have to worry about your boat until spring.

What is Shrink Wrap and Why Should You Do It?

Shrink wrap is a polyethylene material which inhibits UV rays. It shrinks when heated, thus creating a tight seal (unlike tarp tightened with ropes). In addition to keeping water out of your boat, it does not tear or stretch.

For many people, a boat represents a large investment which they want to protect. A professionally applied shrink wrap is the best way to protect your boat during winter. You can always use a tarp if you’re on a tight budget and your boat is old.

There are various shrink wrapping options for your boat, including:

  • Bullet wrap – This method is best if you need an aerodynamic design that allows you to trailer the wrapped boat. This type of wrapping uses thicker plastic and strapping.
  • Basic wrap – If you have a lower budget, you could have your boat wrapped to the rubrail. A full-house shrink wrap wraps everything down to the hull sides.
  • Zipper door – Need to work on your boat during winter? Be sure to order the shrink wrapper to install a zipper door.

While shrink wrapping a boat during winter is necessary, many boaters are not thrilled at the prospect of paying money for plastic. However, it is important to consider the cost savings aspect. While you pay for plastic, you also prevent damage that might cost you much more. Also, if it is properly installed and removed, it may be reused a few times. Then of course, you could check out some repurposing and recycling ideas on Pinterest!

Ultimately, boat shrink wrapping is a matter of choice. If you like the way your boat looks, and you don’t want the Canadian winter to wreak havoc on your boat, it is a good idea to head to Rose Point Marina and schedule your boat shrink wrap service and boat storage.